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In the early summe

In the early summer, the land that has been blown by the spring breeze has already been green, and the insects in the grass have been crusted to prepare the butterfly. The sparrow nest on the branch and the swallow nest under the eaves are ready to usher in a new life. The upcoming season is a busy season. After the busy streets and busy streets, busy with the work at hand, use a little free time to bring a cup of tea back to the computer and continue to tap the keyboard, continue to write what I always wanted to say to you, but I dont know what to say. If you occupy my heart for too long, let me have no resistance to you at all Make Newport 100, so that I cant resist you thinking about it, I want to do everything for you By Newport 100, but I can only hope with it every time. However, he returned with disappointment, and then glued the broken hopes one by one, and renewed with new hopes. I will not give up any hope for you. You are the longest dream in my short memory. It is a dream that I have been doing for more than ten years. In my dream, you are turning around at my door but I am not willing to enter the door. In my dream Marlboro 100S Cartons Us, I am holding you and guarding you. In the face of those who dare to hurt you, I fight with him without fear, even if he is a hundred times stronger than me, I will not take a half step back for you. You will be an indispensable person in my life. I am looking forward to seeing you from the beginning of my understanding of people Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes, but you are not willing to come, only to meet me again and again in your dreams Cheap Newport 100S Free Shipping. You are the one I want to protect with my life. I will try my best to give you everything I have, and take your hand to accompany you on this path of life and block all the ups and downs on the road for you. Until I fall down. I want to leave the best for you, do what I can to get you, but you never give me this opportunity, only in my illusions about you again and again. You are the one who accompanied me through this life. My life must have you to be complete. Only when you appear, my life can get a perfect ending. Only when you are cared for and accompanied, my life comes to an end. At that moment, you can fall asleep peacefully. There is no regret in this life, but you have never appeared. I can only miss you again and again with regret. You are the cause of my previous life. In this life, I am waiting for you to bear fruit in my life. Only when you come will I be able to draw a perfect ending to my life's practice. I have too many words to tell you. I have too many stories to tell you. For you and me, I am being teased by too many people. How many times when others talk about you in front of me, I deliberately avoid, only you. By my side, I can no longer be afraid of other peoples intentional and unintentional attacks. Only you can let me stop. I took a sip of tea and looked back at the road of life I had traveled. The 34-year-old was fleeting. The situation of carrying a schoolbag in school was still clear in my memory. After joining the army, I was in the army. As if yesterday, the first time I caught the thiefs embarrassment after work, it seems to be in front of me. Memory from the slang of the tooth to the righteous young man of today is just a short moment and I have been struggling to pursue. I only hope that you will become my reality. Let me be able to really pick you up. I will work hard for you in the future. I just want to sum up a sentence in a thousand words, but I think it is the only thing that can represent my heart. I want to say something to you: "My life wants to have you."


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