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Morano -

Back from the Death

Category: about me
modify time: 2009-11-08 19:00:00

It was October 2009-a great disaster has strike MORANO.PL .Virus ,trojan or whatever it was it's destroyed all links on my website. Images were still there and the template was working yet it couldn't fill pages with the content. Manually restored information didn't help. The only way to bring this site back to live was to create it from scratch once again. It wasn't that much painfull decision after all because previous version of the site been simply...terrrible and I was about to change it anyways. I just didn't plan this at that moment. I do also understand some of you might be little dissapointed seeing this URL diying.

Now the good news- MORANO.PL is back again ..on completly safe server this time ,so no such problems in future. As been said it been re-constructed from the scratch so everything is new but you shouldn't feel lost- this version been re-designed the way it look more clear and easier to navigate and beyond all - You can finally watch in full screen what this was always all about - my artworks .So ,no more digging , or searching my art behind banners and sponsored links - from now on first thing you see coming this URL it will be color world of my work then something to learn and read and finally there is a chance to support my website, feel free to use it what ever you like in any order you prefere.  PLUS - former "members" area turned into ELITE now and giveing you direct access to material never ever been revealed yet : zooms, sketches,brushes and more. Now, ELITE gives you not only the access to extra gallery , but also to EVENTS section and FORUM . Another completly new features on this site. EVENTS will give you a chance to have even more fun with my works and what is even better you actually will have a chance to score nice prices !  From the other hand the FORUM will be a place where I will await your response for my works .

I know it's been a long time already when old version been down but we've decided to take that time to construct someting very speciall ,and this is not even our last word , soon I hope this site will explode with even more cool ideas -till then enjoy this new  MORANO.PL the 3rd release.

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