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Morano -

9sqrm Production WINS!

Category: about me
modify time: 2010-06-18 11:41:09

CGSociety 25th Challenge been closed and the winners been announced .I am happy to tell you that one of my artworks has won "Lighting Category" award and it is my 2nd CGSociety Challenges prize already. Next time "Master Award" ? Not really , right now I am prepareing to join the jury for next CGS Challenge but after that ,yes you can be quite sure of that , I will take my chances once more. Ofcourse as I speak winning Challenge awards seems almost easy but the truth it the competition is extreme and you can never be sure if you even will be qualified for final vote phase. Which is good ,because this extreme competion makes all participans makeing their best of the best and that is making CGSociety's challneges the most difficult and most important contest in the industry and best place to learn and upgrade you artistic skills. This is our WORL CUP . The full results of "B-movie" challenge article are: story_id=5718


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