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Morano -

My girl has been found

Category: about me
modify time: 2010-07-24 12:58:47

I am Happy to announce that our first MORANO.PL contest has a winner!!! The task was to find an image once I used to make a wall paint in my old room at my parents' apartment.It was quite challenging because I barelly could recall or provide any clues or materials, there was in fact only one still frame form the video made in that room and a clue that image should be search in one of polish S-F magazines. To be honest I didn't expect someone can find that image, not in such short time at least...but ,there she is , Her name is Anna and she lives in Warsaw ,Poland.She's deffenately one of those true Morano's most dedicated fans, determinated enough to digg more than 80 issues of polish S-F "Fantastyka" magazine and get herself a reprimend in National Library for taking photos ,we are not recomend to brake rules ofcourse but sometimes it is the only way so well done there girl :) Anyways she found what she had to and here are results: The image is "Vicky Vixen " by Robh Ruppel



< Anna ,as a winner of the contest will receive : Middle-Earth Quest board game and Icarus Day -Callendar/Poster

plus bonus prizes: AGOT LCG expansion "Princes of the Sun" and set of all (till date) my cards made for Magic the Gathering. All signed by myslef ofcourse

Congratulations to Anna for the achievemnet and no doubt great work done. Stay tunned for more contests and prizes here.

total found: 20, now watching 5 of 20
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