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Morano the 3rd Forum is now open!

Category: about me
modify time: 2010-10-21 15:45:21

Dear Friends! Finally I can announce that my Forum is working at last . We 've been struggling for a while to get one system with one registration and attache forum to egzisting accounts and database . Well we have suceeded but you may still notice some problems with logging into it.Here what you have to do: if your current password is not accepted ,use "forgot password" option ,then use temporary code received by e-mail to login and change the password. You should be then able to log both forum and your Elite account with one user and password. Remeber you still need only one registration and one login /password but for security reasons you have to type it twice . To make it super easy and smooth ,use your browser to remeber the password ,next time you will be logged automaticly and you will walk around and forum painless. I hope you will find that forum a great way to communicate with me and other Elite members of

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