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Morano -

Time to celebrate!

Category: about me
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On June 2003 I did answer for job offer  from Freemind Software and made my first concept art . I 've been already doing illustrations for Portal Publishing but it was rather passion and fun rather real job but that was about to change soon. On August of 2003 I bought my Wacom Tablet and Septemer already started Monastyr -the first big project for Portal . I become what I 've been always dreaming of -working in games industry :D

Since then 10 years has passed, I worked for over 30 different clients around the world , some were single writers or games developers some were huge or even biggest companies in the World. During that time I have earned lots of awards, get interviewed couple times , my work been featured in the most recognizable publications in the industry, created over 1000 illustrations ,concept artworks and covers been made , 3 computers been ran to the last spin of radiator fan, 2 screens been burned.... but what is most important - I have met a lots and lots of wonderfull people, my fans , my clients and other artists which always been supportive and encouraging to more work what did surprise me at the beginning as I was rather expecting strong competition and unfair actions...but noting like that -in fact most of them are my friends now.

Those 10 years were extreemly productive and busy ,but in the meantime I get married , have two most wonderfull kids on Earth and finally moved out of the city back to village with a view to a moutains.

Looks like it is time to rest... well ,maybe not just yet as it is time to little celebrate my aniversary and for this occasion I'm going to offer some new options here ,starting ebay auctions , signed posters shop and few other ...but then I am going to share with You some of my plans to what is me going to do now and this I belive , may surpprise You . But this will be explain later, first thing first :the shop.

From now on the shop here is divided to 4 sections:
-ALL IN TUBES Shop - handling all those things can be rolled and put in the cartoon tube. That means You will be able now to order signed prints , huge posters or wall callendars , all of them are accompanied with automated bonuses ,for example , ordering a tube filled with Magic the Gathering signed posters will get a bunch of Magic cards for free ,basically it goes like 5 cards for each poster so 5 posters give you 25 Macic cards in the tube. There are also key leashes and T-shirts in the future. As you can see by the blank link now , I am still developing this shop so it final result might even surprise me myself.Will see in 2 days

IIMAGEKINDSHOP- this is something popular and already You know. This is the place where You can order from postcard size print to framed canvas reproduction , because of complicated handling process of a framed art I decided long time ago to pass that duty to professionals, and looks like they doing just great. Because they print my work at order they cannot be signed ,but to compensate that I do offer some extra unique works there on Imagekind -like wide verison of Game of Thrones cover or One Failed Uplift in horizontal orientation etc. Because of kind of high prices for shipping framed art this option is perhaps the best for US citizens but Imagekind doing their best to reduce world wide shipping costs as well, by occasional discounts for example ,so I hope this is equally atractive to european and other countries  too.

ELITE SHOP  is something You may recognize too , but from now own it will be really Elite only. Posters were moved to ALL IN TUBES SHOP and Signed Board Games to Ebay auctions. Now Elite Shop will handle all the promotions ,so its content will be rather occasional and temporary. For the moment it is empty too but there is Easter coming so there is more than probably some promotions coming too.

and finally

EBAY AUCTIONS -a place to buy some very rare stuff ,most of them are strongly connected to 10 YEARS ANNIVERSARY mentioned. For a start there is my Wacom tablet to buy... and it is real heartbreak to me. There are also my orginal (means pencil or ink or acrylic ) works available and this list will be growing .There is also something called "ART ORDER" - yes , YOU can Actually place a bid to win an auction and order me to create something only for You !

That would all for just now -but, more coming .


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