This girl become a legend , a curse and the most powerfull Lord of the Second Empire , and all other lands where soldiers of the Svadren Aaden fought in her name about 4873 g.a. Railla Karnokailen aka Red Baroness in Empire lands ,also known as Cold Steel on western lands. But mostly called simply "bitch" or "w...worst" by all others who has this unpleasent opportunity to meet her personally. This girl was a paradox of these days, for many- was a hero, a traitor- for few,an only love- for one. For young ladies in Empire she was an idol , they paint symbols on their faces with maskara to copy Railla's tatoos , Boys and Men couldn't sleep thinking both to love her or join her troops. She was a Hero climbing on her fame, status and careere ladder very fast while spreading only hate and death all over the Epire's enemies the same time
She came from Makken as a mercenary -after few spectacular battles she was spotted by Emperor's generals. Soon she become most powerfull leader of the army. When her personal guard was stronger then even Emperor's she became too dangerous. Emperor had to protect his own majesty even his personal feelings to her were stronger than worries. She surrvived assaination attempt and escaped . Joined her troops tryied to establish own monarchy in conquered provicens on the north of Kanel. That made her old fathers- Makkens , her new enemies. They sned their own army to capture her and egecute as a traitor and Empire servant. Surounded by Makken and EMpire she fought but lost -for the first time. She tryied to salvage to Hamperia but the road was very long and her army was loseing men very fast. The Legend says she died in the mountains but her body were never found. They say her Deamon will return 1000 times worst nad anger. Bad or no ,she is still most famous Bess Khaala of all times.