another girl in my portfolio...
Vakkun this time, few minutes after final battle against the Empire and encounter with her sister Neida.
"- Kaihet ! The battle is won -the imperial troops retreating
She looked at him as he said something like " Im 40 years old and i 'd like to go fishing" -who cares they reatreating they should done it 8 years ago. .. before they ruined my life -she tought
-Is she dead?
-not yet Kaihet- He realized that is not very best answer he could gave her- she is badly wounded ... it wont be long.
-I shouldn't fight with her
-That was the only one way to stop her bloody crusade, You know it Kaihet- and she deserved it for all her crimes
Vakkun looked at her captain again, this time with eyes full of tears
-She was my SISTER!!! - she stopped to cry for while ,just like she
realized at this moment what she did- I'd killed my own sister
she slump from her chair to the floor ,and hidding her head in hands starts to sob as little girl.
-oh Neida , my little pearl ,what have i done....
Captain touched her shoullder and said
-I know how you feel - i lost my brothers too
-I remeber ,all killed by her, I don't blame You happy she;s dead.You have your revange.
-That's not important Kaihet- I wish it was someone else ... but it was your sister...sad , but the war is over and she is defeated
no-she said after short silence- I am her older sister i should save her ,not kill her... I shouldn't let this gone so far...
she grab her sabre still wet of Neida's blood and stand up
-it is I who is deafeated in this war"
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