" ...bloody Emperor and his bad habits.He ask you to come his office immediately when you arive,and then? he keeps you waithing all mornig at his doors.
Im tired , I stink as a pig and haven't drink anything since i left Villing Camp...if he not call me in next few minutes i swear i cut his head off...
Villing Camp...o yes, my last exam to pass before I get my own army. It wasn't easy , the Emperor has used all his talents to menage it to be as hard as possible. Garded like a fortress even it was only small ,not really important camp. Dificult terain ...well I guess I must get new boots...bloody cold north and these prisoners..Remember ,he said, to secure their safety is your priority objective- they must survive for all cost!... yeah sure... you should gave me better snipers .. there are always some casualties, what does he think- what could i do with this bunch of mercenaries and bautyhunters trash?
Anyways, I've secured their lives, and those who hasn't enought brain to duck when my men fired their rounds ,I've repleaced with some survived rebels from camp- he never notice the diference. curiosity ,that enemies are always smarter than your own people .Smart enought to duck when bullets coms to play but not to win a battle ,anyways.
My own army,at last ! Then nothing and no one could stop me, and once day maybe even Emperor himself wont be able to ...?
Then... my own Empire! Hah! Neida the Empress ! Wonderfull!
- Grentlante Neida ! The Emperor will see you now! - an officer in the doors yelled
-Yes ser! - She jumped from her chair immediately ,so her helmet lied before on her knees now droped on the floor. Now she was trying to grab her sabre which was about to drop too and the same time pick up the helmet it tooked her a while before she's grab all her stuff and look as a soldier again-right away ! tell him Im coming.... Im ready!