Nothing new -another concept to my "venhelis" project. I'd like to indroduce to You Neder Hukund - "the humanoid of North" this time.
" A smile apears on her face. A cold and cruel one. A smile seams to say -You want blood, you want death ,right ? Very well , I'll give You blood and death.
and a whole pleasure will be mine..."
- I want to see a commander! -She shouted to the guard near her cage.
she checked once again if nothing constrains her moves,she made couple simulated moves and elusions.
-what do you want?- commander asked, he doesn't looked as someone who has time for nice chatting at the moment.Well, it was the biggest show he made so far in this camp- just be quick, they're waithing for me.
-freedom-she answered calmly
-what?-he asked as he doesn't heard enough, and come forward to a grating -you want to be free?
-me and my friends- she answered.she knew he's going to laught at her, that she is too naive.But she calm herself quickly and said with soft gentle voice - I'll kill this creature for you, but you 'll give us freedom in back
As she though Welemp explode with derisive laught, but just for short. He became serious in a second.
-agree- he said- if this buffoon from capital will leave abasemened and lost, your friends wil be free . As for you ,i've got a little different plans. You see ,you don't even have an idea how much I earn so far on you. -he smiles slimy and he gave her his offer- Dead monster for your friends' freedom or death for all of you, choose.
-agree-a girl said and she sink her head resigned
-be ready -he throw on his leave - we begin soon
She left alone in her wooden cage, angry on herself and her weakness