...aaand -another one
I thought You might to see what "other side" in this conflict between two sisters ,has to say. Unfortunatelly whole scene where Neida get killed by her older sister ( or almost killed) contains about 12 pages ,so obviously I can't put it here at once.
"...Vikka has blocked Neida's sword just few inches before it reaches her throat. They freeze in this position for few seconds trying to get free their blades. Now VIkka could see her eyes in close...Almost the same...so deep ...so beautyfull just like their mother had...but cold and full of maddness...now she realized it is not her sister anymore.
But maybe she is controled by some dark power? Maybe it is still a chance or just a piece of chance to get her backfrom behind that wall...but how? there was not time for thinking"
"...the more blood comes out her chest the more she becomes Vakkun's sister again.
-You knew it - you remebered my name all the time
-no ,not exactly- I felt something , for all those years I felt that you was my only hope and i wait... but shadow of the "blue stream" is confuseing so strong ...and hurts so much...
-you will be all right -just don't give up
-it doesn't matter -Vikka ,remeber all i said to you is only truth, you have no time ,2 years maybe some more... they already comming.
-Neida! Stay with me!
-and... please . .. my son , they will kill him ..hide him
-he is Emperor's son...
-he is pledge of our love... even "blue stream " can't shadow that ...
is that was a smile or just wince of pain? She looked once again on vakkun's face and she felt asleep..