Firstly : I didn't plan to take a part in this chellenge I have too much work now. Secondly I didn't read Uplift books so have no idea about the universum , yet fragments I've read here make me order a copy of the book and it is already shipping my direction. As I said I am not in the Uplift world but this subject turns me into some ethic and maybe even theologic questioning mood , which I just love it! :)
I mean why humans are the only one race without pathron? Because they are believe in God ,and there for been always protected by Him from alien intrusion?Or maybe the God Himself is our pathron which had uplifted us once in ancient history. Or maybe we've been uplifted but failed on our aproach to become civilized race ? interesting isn't it?
But there is just more questions like that - if we would be uplifted or been uplifted -would we be happier? You don't know what I'm asking? Come on, think what you are REALLY need to life , to be happy? Is it spaceflying makeing you better person ? Personally I just need some fresh air ,green grass and someone who loves me on my side to be happy - if I would be uplifted was I say "at last! FReeeedom!!" or rather " Go to hell ! bloody aliens !" ? Thinking about this I started to sketch to challenge and came up with soemthin like this:

Scary idea isn't it? Then I realize I shouldn't take that serious it is only a n art chellenge (sorry about "only" ) and why not paint something more friendly. Then I read more inspirations for this chellege page and find out than Chimps are one of the Uplifted race in the book . Well I consider that's funny idea , and imediatelly Imagine a chimp in the suit as a boss of global corporation :) From the other hand my previous questions still stands : Ok, the chimp is the Governor of the Earth (let say) ,he has unlimited powers ,plenty credits ,fleet , beautyfull women etc etc ...does all those thing makes the monkey happier?

I just finish my work on thursday and decided to join the challege and in the middle I did paint copletly diferent story wich in the end I decided not to post in chellenge (as too dramatic :) ) and paint my other concept with the chimp. But still I made it look quite serious rather than humoristic. I don't know why ? I really bother about those ethic questions in this matter I just couldn't end this chellenge with silly joke like the sketch. So instead funny monkey we have serious gentelman on the very high position in the universe ,goverment, company ? He has everything and people jumping around him like fools (or jokers) ,but hes face is empty ,automatic, correct - there is no space to dream about fresh air and bannana -no matter how silly it's sounds . Hope You like it.